In the article cited above, the nomenclature for a novel long noncoding RNA (lncRHL, regulator of hyperlipidemia) was similar to that used for a novel long noncoding RNA in the 2021 Cell Proliferation article below (lnc-RHL, regulator of hepatic lineages).

Prabhakar B, Lee S, Bochanis A, He W, Manautou JE, Rasmussen TP. lnc-RHL, a novel long non-coding RNA required for the differentiation of hepatocytes from human bipotent progenitor cells. Cell Prolif 2021;54:e12978.

To prevent possible misattribution of the long noncoding RNAs reported in each paper, the nomenclature for the novel long noncoding RNA regulator of hyperlipidemia has been revised to “lncRHPL.”

The online version of the article ( has been updated with the revised nomenclature.

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