Objective: Assess impact of online education to prompt changes in practice of diabetologists/endocrinologists (D/Es), PCPs and CDEs related to use of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) in practice.

Method: Online summary of a symposium presented at the ADA 2021 Conference. Faculty presentation was reinforced with synchronized slides presenting supportive data. The impact of the education measured with a survey immediately post-education to assess planned changes in clinician practice as a result of participation in CME activity. Survey participants were contacted 8 weeks later to assess self-reported actual changes in practice. The activity launched August 3, 2021 and data were collected through June 29, 2022. Results: A total of 324 clinicians in the target audience completed the survey immediately post-education. • 74 D/Es, 141 PCPs, and 109 CDEs • 33% of D/Es, 10% of PCPs, and 17% of CDEs treat more than 30 patients per week with diabetes • 92% of respondents indicated an average of 3.1 planned practice changes each When re-engaged with the follow up survey, 15 completed the survey. • 6 D/Es and 9 PCPs • 67% of D/Es and 56% of PCPs treat more than 30 patients per week with diabetes • Of those, 93% reported making an average of 4.8 changes in practice as a result of this activity • Changes in practice include: o Recommending CGM in patients who want to improve time in range and minimize hypoglycemia (100% D/Es and 78% PCPs) o Recommending CGM in patients with diabetes on insulin (100% D/Es and 67% PCPs) o Increasing familiarity with clinical trial data related to CGM use (83% D/Es and 67% PCPs) o Target time in range with diabetes-related treatment goals (83% D/Es and 44% PCPs) Conclusion: The outcomes gathered in this assessment provide compelling evidence that participation in online CME prompts both planned and actual changes in practice related to CGM use. Future education is needed for PCPs regarding time in range goals as part of a diabetes treatment plan.


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