Behavioral health support can benefit those living with diabetes, but there is limited information on patient reported outcomes (PROs) associated with a virtual clinic. Adults with diabetes (n=234) received virtual care including support for CGM initiation and management over a 6-month study period. Care was led by a CDCES with support from a behavioral team. Participants completed PROs surveys 1) at baseline and 6 months to evaluate change and 2) each month on diabetes distress (DD), fear of hypoglycemia (FOH), and depression (DEP). Full list of PROs surveys included in table. A positive screen led to recommendation for a brief behavioral intervention. Participants with T1D (n=160) were 44(±14) years and mean baseline A1c of 7.8%. Participants with T2D (n=74) were 55(±12) years and mean baseline A1c of 8.1%. Participants screened positive for DD, FOH, or DEP 67% of the time with FOH as the most common concern. Of those with a positive screen, 70% of T1D and 59% of T2D participants had at least one behavioral team contact. Virtual clinic care was associated with a benefit on 7 of 9 PROs for T1D and 7 of 9 PROs for T2D (p values < 0.05; see table). For these virtual clinic adults with diabetes, PROs improved 78% of the time with noteworthy benefits of less FOH, less DD, and more glucose monitoring satisfaction. Paired with the glycemic improvements observed in this virtual clinic study, there were robust benefits on the quality of life of adults with diabetes.


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