We evaluated the utility of real-time CGM for titrating intravenous (IV) insulin via a validated institutional computerized insulin infusion (CII) algorithm in the CV-ICU. We used a hybrid approach of combining CGM with periodic point-of-care blood glucose (POC-BG) tests to validate the continued accuracy of CGM. We also surveyed nurses on this care change. Dexcom G6 CGMs were applied to 61 post-surgical patients with hyperglycemia (34% with diabetes) receiving IV insulin. CGM values were validated with POC-BG every(Q) 1-2 h per the CII protocol. Once validated (i.e., within 20% of POC-BG values if BG ≥100 mg/dL or within 20 mg/dL if BG <100 mg/dl), sensor values were then used to titrate IV insulin doses per CII algorithm. POC-BG checks were then reduced to Q6h validation. Among 857 paired POC-BG and CGM values analyzed, the mean and median average relative difference between POC-BG and CGM values were 13.2% and 9.8%, respectively. 99.6% of paired CGM and POC-BG were in Zone A and B of the Clarke Error Grid (Figure). Thirty nurse respondents found CGM very or quite convenient (n=28; 93%) and favored it over POC-BG testing (n=28; 93%). This pilot study demonstrates that using CGM via a hybrid approach for CII titration protocol is feasible, has high accuracy, and higher nursing convenience.


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