Introduction: This study explores the perceived humanistic burden of type 1 diabetes (T1D) across different age cohorts of adults (18-35 yrs., 36-64 yrs., and 65+ yrs.) in the US who are using continuous glucose monitors (CGM).

Methods: Adult CGM users (≥18 years of age) with self-reported T1D diagnosis (≥ 5 yrs.) were interviewed to evaluate the impact of T1D on quality of life (QoL). Participants ranked the ‘top 3’ negative impacts of T1D on QoL using a “Wheel of Life” visual framework, which helped participants identify and describe the multi-faceted impacts of T1D on QoL. Interview transcripts were thematically analyzed. Subgroup analyses were conducted by age cohort.

Results: Overall, 31 participants (18-35 yrs., n=10; 36-64 yrs., n=12; 65+ yrs., n=9) took part in the study. Participants were mostly female (74%) and married (81%), with a mean age at diagnosis of 28 yrs. and a reported mean HbA1c level of 7.1% (range: 5.0% - 9.9%); 42% reported having ≥ 2 severe hypoglycemic events (SHEs) in the past year. Impacts on physical health, mental health, sleep, relationships, leisure activities, work/studies, and sex life were reported by participants as affecting their daily lives. Physical health impacts were most frequently ranked in “top 3” negative impacts across age cohorts. Negative impacts on physical health, mental health and sleep were ranked as “top 3” for both the 18-35 yrs. and the 36-64 yrs. age cohorts, while negative impacts on physical health, leisure activities, and relationships were top ranked by the 65+ yrs. cohort.

Conclusions: Despite use of advanced diabetes technologies, the humanistic burden of T1D persists across adults of different age cohorts. Participants in all age cohorts reported physical health as the leading negative impact to QoL, while other perceived negative impacts varied in rank order across age cohorts.


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