Poor sleep may be associated with reduced β-cell response or decreased insulin sensitivity in youth. We explored whether sleep duration, sleep quality or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) risk factors were associated with measures of β-cell response or insulin sensitivity in youth. At baseline, 88 youth (10-19 yrs of age) with recently diagnosed T2D or prediabetes completed validated questionnaires (Sleep Disturbances Scale and Cleveland Adolescent Sleepiness) in the Restoring Insulin Secretion (RISE) Study. Hyperglycemic clamps measured insulin sensitivity (steady state glucose infusion rate/insulin [M/I]) and β-cell responses: acute (0-10 min) C-peptide response to glucose (ACPRg), steady-state C-peptide at a glucose of 11.1 mmol/L (SSCP), and arginine-stimulated maximum C-peptide responses at glucose >25 mmol/L (ACPRmax). Linear regression models explored the independent association between sleep variables and clamp measures, adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, sex, Tanner stage, metformin use and BMI. Models including β-cell responses were adjusted for M/I to account for the role of insulin sensitivity in β-cell function. The cohort was 70% female, 28% white, 25% black, 36% Hispanic; age 14.3±2.0 yrs and BMI 36.9±6.4 kg/m2 (mean±SD). Using ADA criteria, 60% had prediabetes and 40% had T2D; 27% reported metformin use. Sleep duration <8 h was reported in 59%; 57% reported daytime sleepiness; 28% reported poor sleep quality; 29% had high risk for OSA. Low sleep duration (<8 h) was associated with a trend for lower ACPRg (p=0.069). No sleep variables (sleep duration or quality, OSA risk) were associated with clamp-derived outcomes in unadjusted or adjusted linear regression models. In youth with prediabetes or T2D, subjective measures of sleep quantity, sleep quality and OSA risk were not independently associated with β-cell response or insulin sensitivity. Further research using objective measures of sleep may better delineate the relationship between sleep and β-cell function in youth.


K.A.Temple: None. A.H.Tjaden: None. S.Manchanda: Advisory Panel; Inspire. D.Ehrmann: None. K.J.Nadeau: None. S.Edelstein: None. T.S.Hannon: Advisory Panel; Eli Lilly and Company. B.Mokhlesi: None. Rise consortium: n/a.


American Diabetes Association (1-20-RISE-01 to S.E.); National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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