Introduction) The Carotid Intima Media Thickness (cIMT) and Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) are good measurement of arterial change. But Few studies have been conducted about the relative factors of those two markers of children and adolescents with DM. We evaluated factors associated with IMT levels and PWV levels in adults to children and adolescents.

Methods) Retrospective cohort study of children and adolescents (10-19yrs) with diabetes performed cIMT and/or baPWV at a single center from December 2007 to August 2021 was conducted. Subjects were submitted demographic variables (age, sex, height, weight, duration of illness, presence of metabolic syndrome and microvascular complications), Blood pressure, laboratory data (HbA1, lipid panel, creatinine), cIMT, PWV.

Result) Of 212 participants studied, 101 had type 1 diabetes (mean age15.5±2.1 years, M:F =46:54) and 111 had type 2 diabetes (mean age 14.2±2.2yrs, M:F =62:48). The mean duration of diabetes was 6.2 (±3.8) years in T1DM patients and 2.1 (±2.4) years in T2DM patients. Mean PWV was 934.1 (±121.5) cm/sec and mean cIMT max was 0.50 (±0.05)mm in T1DM. Mean PWV was 942.3 (±120.7)cm/sec and mean cIMT max was 0.55 (±0.06) mm in T2DM. Overall, cIMT and PWV were increased with age.(pearson r= 0.556, p<0.001) cIMT and PWV in patients with T1DM were high, but there was no association with height, systolic BP, HbA1c, BMI-Z, TG, duration of illness. In patient with Type 2 DM, cIMT (linear regression analysis, r2=0.294, β=0.223, P=0.001) and PWV increased with duration (r2=0.140, β=0.239, P=0.05), systolic BP increased cIMT (p=0.02)and PWV (p =0.042)

Discussion) Adolescents with T1DM have high level of PWV and cIMT level but there was no association with diabetes control state, hyperlipidemia, blood pressure and duration. But there was association with duration in T2DM. Further research is needed to establish pediatric model for predicting outcome in pediatric diabetes.

Keyword: T1DM, T2DM, Pulse wave velocity, carotid Intima Media Thickness


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