Objective: We quantified the association of overall and daytime time in range (TIR, 70-140 mg/dL) with weight change in a behavioral weight loss intervention.

Methods: Data for this study came from the Personal Diet Study, a 6-month weight loss trial in adults with prediabetes or moderately controlled T2D (HbA1c<8%) involving remote behavioral counseling and dietary self-monitoring via a smartphone app. Participants wore blinded Abbott Freestyle Libre Pro CGMs for ≤2 weeks at baseline and 6 months. Based on clinically meaningful changes in two TIR metrics: “All-TIR” (all CGM readings) and “Day-TIR” (6am-midnight CGM readings), participants were categorized as “Improved” (>5%), “No Change” (-5 to 5%), or “Declined” (<-5%). Associations between TIR change categories and %weight change were determined using one-way ANOVAs.

Results: We analyzed baseline and 6-month CGM data from 66 participants (age 63±8 years, 62% female, 64% White, 20% African American, BMI 31.5±5.0 kg/m2, HbA1c 5.8±0.5%). When stratified by Day-TIR change, Improved had greater weight loss compared to No Change and Declined (p=0.006) (Figure 1). When stratifying using All-TIR, no significant weight change differences were observed across groups (p=0.15).

Conclusion: Improved daytime TIR, but not overall TIR, was associated with greater weight loss in a behavioral weight loss intervention.


S. Barua: None. M. Mottern: None. D. St-jules: Consultant; Ardelyx, Inc. E. Segal: None. M. Bergman: None. J. O. Aleman: Advisory Panel; Intellihealth, Consultant; Novo Nordisk, Employee; Veterans Administration, Research Support; NIH - National Institutes of Health, Veterans Administration. A. Schmidt: None. M. Sevick: None. D. A. Upadhyay: None. C. Popp: None. L. Hu: None. M. Curran: None. L. Berube: None. H. Li: None. C. Wang: None. M. Pompeii: None.


American Heart Association (17SFRM33590133)

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