Background: Given low rates of physicians entering diabetes research, NIH recently funded a multi-center National K12 “DiabDocs” Program to train and support physician-scientists for productive academic careers in T1D. Specific aims for the program include: 1) Expand the geographical access to diabetes K12 programs in the US, 2) Create a diverse nationwide cohort of promising physician-scientists through shared programmatic training experiences, 3) Develop a national mentor community, 4) Ensure consistency and effectiveness of mentoring, including focused attention on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Methods: DiabDocs program administration is comprised of 2 Program Directors, an Executive Leadership Committee, a National Advisory Committee and Scientific Review Committee. Recruitment for the first cohort of program Scholars began in August 2022. Candidates self-nominated with a Letter of Intent (LOI). Eligible Scholars were then invited to submit a full application and attend a program retreat. Of the 12 LOIs received from 12 different institutions, 10 candidates were invited to submit a full application and attend the program retreat. At the retreat, 19 reviewers from 16 different institutions participated in diversity training, conducted interviews, and gathered as a study section to discuss applications.

Results: Ultimately 4 scholars were selected: 2 with pediatric endocrinology and 2 with adult endocrinology backgrounds. Three scholars are women, and 1 scholar self-identifies as from a group underrepresented in medicine (25%). The next application cycle is planned for Jan-March 2023.

Conclusions: The DiabDocs program will address the critical shortage of trained physician-scientists focused on T1D. We anticipate that the planned program training combined with existing research infrastructures will engage a talented and diverse pool of scholars and accelerate their career trajectories.


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National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (K12DK133995)

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