Introduction: Animal evidence suggests that maternal exercise improves metabolic health in the offspring. The offspring of individuals with gestational glucose intolerance (GGI) or gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) are at increased risk for large for gestational age, shoulder dystocia, obesity, and diabetes. Maternal physical activity (PA) is indicated for these pregnancies, though PA levels tend to be suboptimal and decline over pregnancy. This pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial explored the effects of a behavioral counseling intervention on late pregnancy maternal PA and neonatal anthropometrics.

Methods: Twenty individuals with GGI or GDM were enrolled. Those randomized to the behavioral PA intervention met weekly with a lifestyle coach via Zoom for at least 5 sessions (10-20 minutes per session). Participants completed surveys and wore ActiGraph CentrePoint PA monitoring devices on their dominant wrist for a 7-day period, at both baseline and follow-up. The TwoRegressions algorithm estimated minute by minute metabolic equivalents of task (METs) for periods in which the devices were worn, and minutes per day at ≥ 3.0 METs, indicative of moderate to vigorous intensity PA (MVPA), were totaled. Neonatal measurements (n = 17) occurred within 3 days of birth.

Results: Those in the PA intervention decreased MVPA less than controls [i.e., -4.0 minutes per day (95% CI -14.5, 6.5) vs. -23.5 minutes per day (95% CI -34.9, -12.1), P = .02]. Neonates born to those in the PA intervention were smaller than control neonates, however no difference attained statistical significance (e.g., weight, neonatal fat mass, total skinfolds). There was the suggestion of significant effect on subscapular skinfold (P = .07).

Conclusion: A behavioral PA counseling intervention mitigated late pregnancy declines in PA in GGI or GDM, and could reduce upper-trunk adiposity in their neonates.


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National Institutes of Health (K01DK105106)

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