Objectives: Describe Mexican patients with T1DM and find out if blood glucose (BG) testing frequency impacts glycemic targets (mean BG & estimated HbA1c [eHbA1c]).

Methods: Included mySugr users with a self-reported diagnosis of T1DM and had at least 2 BG logs in at least 14 days (G2D14) in the month prior to their first log entry. G2D14 is the lowest adherence needed to calculate eHbA1c. Users were stratified as low (G2D14 + G3D14) and high testing (G4D14 + G5D14). Subgroup analysis according to baseline eHbA1c was performed. Using a logistic regression model, an exploratory analysis to identify factors associated with BG decrease was also considered.

Results: 118,210 users (13% T1DM) were considered. Users in the highest testing subgroup (G5D14; n=276) in the first month before mySugr usage had a significantly lower baseline eHbA1c (-0.8 %; p < 0.01) compared with users in the lowest category (G2D14; n=254). For all users in the group G2D14 or above, eHbA1c decreased from baseline (1 mo. prior to mySugr usage) and stayed below baseline levels for the entire period of 5 mo. (n=253; mean differences: -0.3% at the first month of mySugr usage, -0.2% at the fourth month of mySugr usage; both changes significantly different from 0 with p < 0.05). No statistically significant difference in eHbA1c between the logging subgroups after 4 months of mySugr use was found. Nevertheless, high logging users with baseline eHbA1c > 8% had a non-significant higher reduction. In the logistic regression model, the factor with the strongest association with BG decrease was the baseline mean BG (log OR: 2.4).

Conclusion: in our RwD setting, the use of mySugr was associated with reduced eHbA1c. Baseline BG was statistically associated with BG reduction intensity. Although no significant difference in eHbA1c improvement between the high and low logging groups was found during mySugr usage, the baseline analysis suggests that users with increased logging had significantly better glycemic control before starting mySugr.


C. Vulcano: Employee; Roche Diabetes Care. H. Mikulski: Employee; Roche Diabetes Care. M. Mitter: Employee; Roche Diabetes Care. B. Ruch: Employee; Roche Diabetes Care.

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