Background: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices have transformed diabetes care, but there is a lack of guidance for pharmacists to follow when onboarding patients to begin using CGM systems. Our study aimed to develop a blueprint for best practices for pharmacists to support people living with diabetes (PWD) using CGM systems.

Methods: We used a modified DELPHI process to gather insights from 11 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across Canada, including two endocrinologists, one family physician, and eight pharmacists. Consensus was reached for each criterion when 75% agreement was achieved. Criteria for CGM device initiation, short-term or episodic CGM use, and best practices for CGM onboarding and monitoring were developed based on the results.

Results: Amongst the ideal candidates for CGM use are PWD using insulin, those with type 1 diabetes, individuals not reaching their A1C target, those experiencing frequent hypoglycemia, pregnant individuals, and others at risk of hypoglycemia. Best practices for onboarding and monitoring included shared decision-making conversations, a comprehensive overview of cost and coverage options, customized alerts and alarms, and timely follow-up sessions.

Discussion: The KOL group ensured a comprehensive and diverse perspective. The developed blueprint provides a valuable resource for pharmacists to improve the use of CGM devices and enhance diabetes management for their patients. Incorporating these best practices into clinical practice has the potential to transform diabetes care and improve outcomes.


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