Many meta-analyses focus on one comorbidity associated with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, people living with T2DM experience more than one comorbidity. The primary objective of this study was to conduct a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis on recent published data, considering 43 individual comorbidities which we grouped into 11 disease categories to identify the most prevalent comorbidities occurring with people living with T2DM. PubMed database was searched for studies on T2DM and comorbidities prevalence in adults from 2015 - 2020. Meta-analysis estimates of comorbidities prevalence were generated using a random-effects model. ANOVA analysis, Bonferroni test, and chi-square analysis were conducted to examine the statistical significance of our results; see Figure 1. 22 studies with nearly 90 million patients were eligible and included. Hyperlipidemia/Obesity (33%) and acute circulatory diseases (28%) occur more frequently compared to other comorbidities in patients with T2DM. Our analysis shows acute circulatory diseases and hyperlipidemia/obesity are the most prevalent comorbidities for patients with T2DM.


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