Introduction: Digital health educational features have the potential to improve engagement and glycemic outcomes in individuals with diabetes by providing improved knowledge, increased motivation, and personalized learning. Engagement actions are well evaluated by digital monitoring or by logging iterations, and clinical outcomes by target range measurements. A new learning feature in the Dario application included educational videos and learning materials including healthy eating habits, activity, and stress relief. This study evaluated the effect of implementing such a feature on users’ engagement and clinical outcomes.

Method: A retrospective data evaluation study was performed on Dario TM members who experienced the educational feature. Engagement (blood glucose measurements and logging food to Dario app) and glycemic outcomes were assessed three months pre-post experiencing the feature.

Results: A group of 994 people with type 2 and prediabetes who were active in the app and measured their blood glucose 3 months before using the new feature and in the following 3 months after, was evaluated. The average number of measurements was increased by 34% (P<0.05) following the introduction of the new learning feature. A subgroup of 303 users that reported depression as a co-existing condition increased food logging events by 39%. In a subgroup of 234 high-risk users (baseline >180 mg/dL) the average blood glucose and glucose variability were significantly reduced by 13% and 11% on average, respectively (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The present study demonstrates that by providing improved knowledge, increased motivation, and personalized learning digital health educational features can help users feel more empowered to manage their diabetes effectively.


Y. Hershcovitz: Employee; DarioHealth Corp. A. Gurewitz: None. O. Manejwala: Employee; DarioHealth Corp. Stock/Shareholder; DarioHealth Corp.

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