Background: Treatments for obesity and T2D often combine lifestyle changes (diet, physical activity) and medication. Weight reduction is an expected outcome of obesity and some T2D treatments. Individuals’ perspectives on obesity treatments, attitudes towards reduced food intake via appetite changes, and treatment-related gastrointestinal adverse events (GI AEs) are not well characterized. The current study assessed individuals’ perceptions of obesity/T2D treatments that impact appetite, eating behaviors, and weight, and concerns about GI AEs.

Methods: This cross-sectional study involved semi-structured interviews with 45 US adults (obesity, n=15; overweight, n=10; T2D, n=20). Two creative tasks explored participants’ perceptions of obesity/T2D treatment outcomes: 1) participants discussed perspectives on hypothetical obesity/T2D treatments that reduced appetite, hunger, and cravings; 2) participants indicated their choice from two hypothetical obesity/T2D treatments, which varied by degree of GI AEs, appetite changes, and weight reduction. Interviews were audio recorded and transcribed for analysis.

Results: Most participants asked (28/35; 80%) perceived the hypothetical scenarios as a positive outcome of obesity/T2D treatment. Most (30/35; 86%) considered appetite reduction to be an important treatment benefit. Many also perceived fewer cravings (13/29; 45%) and lesser desire to eat (12/29; 41%) to be positive treatment outcomes. Participants associated treatment-related appetite changes with improvements in diet (10/33; 30%), emotional well-being (9/33; 27%), and daily activities (8/33; 24%). In the choice task, participants perceived appetite and weight reduction as positive treatment outcomes, irrespective of degree of GI AEs.

Conclusions: Findings demonstrate that participants value appetite changes and/or weight reduction as treatment priorities, and are willing to accept potential GI AEs for these treatment outcomes.


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