Introduction: Whilst treatment algorithms direct care, less is known about the lived experience of patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Methods: Design thinking methods were applied to describe the lived experience of 16 patients with T2D, the care they receive, and the potential for technology to support care. Patients used design probes to document how diabetes influences their experiences at home and work, and while shopping and socialising - all used to inform a semi-structured workshop. Eight healthcare professionals took part in a semi-structured workshop exploring the lived experience of delivering care.

Results: Thematic analyses of design probes and workshops revealed that the lived experience of T2D and associated care are disconnected. Patients describe awareness and importance of managing their behaviours, while also recognizing the complexity of managing/changing behaviours at home and work, and while shopping or socialising. Care teams emphasised the importance of patient behaviour, but reported lacking the skills and tools to influence patient behaviour change during brief consultations. Patients and care teams reported the importance of early communication, education, and behavioural change, but expressed a lack of opportunity, particularly early in their diagnosis. Care teams described a knowledge-implementation gap (knowing what needs to be done but lacking time and resources to do it). Focus is on medications rather than lifestyle treatment approaches, including diet. Both groups were positive about using technology to bridge this gap but emphasised the importance of evidence-informed resource, ease of use and implementation.

Conclusions: The lived experience of T2D and its care are disconnected. Patients and care teams articulate this gap, despite education and support being a core element of diabetes care. Patients and care teams were positive about the potential use of technology, but emphasised ease of use and implementation.


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