Objective: The INEOX-Plus study aims to compare the efficacy and safety of Deg-U100 and Gla-U300 in people with T1d incorporated to the Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM) technology for over 6 months.

Materials and Methods: Cross-sectional study in 161 of the 260 T1D participants of the INEOX randomized study (NCT 03328845) who were initially randomized between 2017 and 2019 to receive Gla-U300 or Deg-U100 insulin and incorporated to FGM technology after. Participants were re-evaluated in the INEOX_Plus visit, at an average 2.8 years after the final INEOX visit. Sociodemographic variables, insulin dose, plasma HbA1c and episodes of severe hypoglycemia and ketosis in the previous year were collected together with data on Freestyle libre 2® system downloaded from the last 90 days: sensor use, number of daily scans, GMI, mean glucose, CV, TIR 70-180, TBR 69-54, TBR <54, TAR 181-250, TAR >250 and hypoglycemia events- number/90 days and rate/year-.

Results: 90 men (56%) and 71 women (44%), mean age 44±11 years, with diabetes evolution of 23.5±10 years belonging to the INEOX study accepted to participate; 75 subjects (46%) used Gla-U300 and 86 (54%) Deg-U100. A significant reduction in HbA1c was observed between the final INEOX and INEOX-Plus visit (7.65±1.04% vs 7.43±0.84%, p= 0.002) regardless of the type and dose of second-generation long-acting insulin analogue used. There were no episodes of severe hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis reported. We did not find significant differences in insulin doses, HbA1c and FGM metrics except in the Hypoglycemia events incidence rate -213.65 vs 260.05 events/person/year; p=0.001 - for Gla-U300 vs Deg-U100 respectively.

Conclusions: For people with T1D in routine clinical follow-up with FGM, Gla-U300 and Deg-U100 insulin have a similar effect on the efficacy and safety variables except for significantly lower incidence rate of yearly hypoglycemia events for Gla-U300 users.


M.S.Ruiz de adana: None. L.I.Navas vela: None. C.Maldonado-araque: None. G.Olveira: Other Relationship; Abbott Diabetes, Novo Nordisk, Speaker's Bureau; Lilly. G.Rojo martínez: None. M.E.Domínguez-lópez: None. M.Vallejo mora: None. N.Colomo: None. F.Linares: None. V.Morillas: Other Relationship; Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly Alliance. M.Vallejo herrera: None. S.Alonso gallardo: None. M.Padilla fuentes: None.


Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI 17/00861)

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