We evaluated the CGM metrics using the Libre Pro across 7 centres in India enrolling 887 people with T2DM, from January - December 2022. CGM metrics were analysed for the Time in Range (TIR), Time Below Range (TBR), Time Above Range (TAR). The target range used for all CGM was as per ADA recommendation of 70-180 mg/dl. We excluded patients with complications of T2DM. The mean (±SD, 95% CI) estimated A1c, TIR, TBR, TAR % were 7 (±1.8, 6.9 to 7.1), 56 (±24, 54 to 58), 9.2 (±12, 8.3 to 10), 35 (±27, 33 to 36). There was a negative significant correlation between eA1c and TIR (Pearson r -0.69, 95% CI -0.72 to 0.65, p <0.0001). There was a negative significant correlation between eA1c and TBR (Pearson r -0.53, 95% CI -0.57 to 0.48, p <0.0001). There was a positive significant correlation between eA1c and TAR (Pearson r 0.86, 95% CI 0.85 to 0.88, p <0.0001). The findings is indicative of the mean TIR, as a reflection of the glycemic control, across several geographically spread centres with varied representation of urban and semi-urban settings, delivering diabetes care to a diverse patient population. The significant correlation of the CGM metrics is encouraging and TIR should be the prime focus to improvise the glycemic care, that would further help improve TBR and adopt CGM.


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