Background: Lack of knowledge in self-management and limited access to specialized healthcare services leads to uncontrolled diabetes. Continuous digital care delivered through a mobile healthcare app aid in metabolic control.

Aims: To analyze the efficacy of BeatO’s digital diabetes care management program among people with diabetes

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 721 participants enrolled in BeatO’s mobile app-based diabetes care program for 3 months, the period of enrollment was between 28th February to 31st August 2022. Participants received remote access to health professionals for diabetes education, nutritional guidance and doctor consultation through the BeatO app. Throughout the care program, they were connected with a dedicated health coach. The medication prescribed by the doctor was delivered to the participant’s home. Regular blood glucose monitoring was done using BeatO’s smartphone-connected glucometer that works in accordance with the BeatO app. The parameters like FBG, PPBG, HbA1c, lipid profile and weight was recorded at baseline and after 3 months.

Results: Of the 721 participants, 96.5 % had Type 2 diabetes. The mean age of the participants was 47.5 years, and the majority (80.8%) were males. T2DM was present in 696, T1DM (11), LADA (9), Prediabetes (3) and GDM (2). Out of these, 704 participants completed the program. A significant improvement in blood glucose control was observed, as reflected by a mean decrease in FBG by 38 mg/dL (p <0.0001), PPBG by 37 mg/dL (p <0.0001) and HbA1c reduced by 2.16% (p < 0.0001) at the end of 3 months. There was a significant weight loss of about 1.8 kg (p = 0.01) and a reduction in total cholesterol by 15 mg/dl through this remote personalized care.

Conclusions: BeatO's digital diabetes care management program among people with diabetes showed good efficacy in terms of glycemic control and weight loss. Hence, the implementation of digital technology in diabetes care can help in increasing access and awareness of diabetes care and achieving glycemic targets.


N.Agrawal: Advisory Panel; Biocon, Eris Lifesciences Ltd., Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sanofi, USV Private Limited, Other Relationship; BeatO, Health Arx Technologies Pvt LTD. A.Panjabi: Advisory Panel; Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, USV Private Limited, Consultant; BeatO, Health Arx Technologies. P.K.Dixit: Advisory Panel; USV Private Limited, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Consultant; Beato, Health Arx Technologies. B.D: Consultant; BEAT-O, HEALTH ARX TECHNOLOGIES.

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