Background: Health issues are linked to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in both the mother and the foetus. Adipose tissue (AT) health issues and obesity are linked to the emergence of GDM. Recent research has nevertheless demonstrated that decreased AT health can exist even in the absence of fat. In this study, we investigated whether AT health influences the onset of GDM in non-obese women.

Method: GDM-diagnosed expectant mothers were examined. Non-GDM women with matching BMI and age served as the Controls (n=6 per group). Before and during cesarian sections, samples of AT and fasting blood were taken, respectively. Using the Bioplex assay, the serum levels of adiponectin were determined. Western blotting was used to quantify the expression of phosphorylated p38 (p-p38) in AT, and average adipocyte size values were calculated. Two-tailed unequal variance was used to determine the differences in the variables between the groups. P < .0 was regarded as statistically significant for the Student t test.

Results: The pre-pregnancy BMI and age did not differ. The serum level of adiponectin was considerably lower in the GDM group. p-AT p38's expression, however, was noticeably higher. In the GDM group, the adipocyte size was 11% smaller, but the difference did not statistically vary from zero.

Conclusion: Our findings show that among non-obese women, the development of GDM may be significantly influenced by AT health. Future research is necessary to identify the pathways via which AT health, in the absence of obesity, contributes to the development of GDM.


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