Background: YAs with T1D have more complications and mental health challenges, and are less engaged in care, than other age groups. Few studies have examined factors predicting engagement in self-management interventions, which may support YAs’ T1D care and overall well-being.

Methods: Using data from a T1D self-management RCT, we analyzed predictors of engagement among those randomized to the intervention who had reached the 6 month endpoint. Engagement was defined as the number of completed intervention sessions. Control variables were measured at baseline. Ordinary least-squares regression was used, entering categories of predictors in separate steps: 1) demographics: age, gender, race/ethnicity, insurance status, parental education; 2) clinical: A1c, duration of T1D, device use; 3) behavioral: medication adherence, diabetes self-management (DSMQ); 4) psychosocial: diabetes distress (DDS), self-efficacy (DES-SF), and autonomous motivation (TSRQ).

Results: Participants (n=87) were 24 (±4) yrs old, 60% female, 49% Hispanic/Latinx and 43% White, and completed a mean of 9.5 intervention sessions (range: 0-24). In the final model (p=0.0003), engagement was associated with low parental education (parameter estimate -4.1 visits), being uninsured (+3.6 visits), and higher glucose monitoring (-1.1 visits) and physical activity (-0.6 visits) on the DSMQ.

Discussion: Clinical and psychosocial variables were unrelated to OT visits; to an extent, poorer self-management predicted more visits. Indicators of SES were most predictive: low parental education decreased, and uninsured status increased, number of OT visits. Given that the factors most associated with engagement were indicators of SES, clinicians are encouraged to assess barriers and external factors that may impact access and participation as soon as possible in the therapeutic process, to facilitate engagement in services.


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