Background: In people living with diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia is one of the significant risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Achieving the ABC clinical targets (HbA1c, blood pressure, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) is a well-established method of managing cardiovascular disease related morbidity and mortality among diabetes patients. The management of diabetes disorders is ensured by specialized clinical care provided by diabetes experts, but pernicious risk factors for general cardiovascular health are still largely going unnoticed at the point of care.

Purpose: This EHR-based real-world study's objective was to determine which cohorts of people living with diabetes were more likely to experience cardiovascular disease, as determined by the ABC goals.

Methods: History of Type 2 diabetes mellitus for at least six months and presenting for routine treatment in one of the 14 centers across the country were included in the study. Data on medical history, comorbidities, diabetes complications, medicines, and laboratory values were gathered using an EMR (Medeva) integrated research proforma. The study started in March 2022 and completed in August 2022. (6 months).

Results: Of the 2202 patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, at the overall level, 3.5% (<35yrs - 1.5%, 35-54 yrs - 2.9% and >54 yrs - 4.2%) of Type 2 Diabetes patients have achieved the ABC targets (HbA1c 7%, BP 130/80 mmHg, and LDL-C 100 mg/dL). On Individual goals, 23.3% (<35yrs - 16.5%, 35-54 yrs - 22.4% and >54 yrs - 24.8%) achieved control on HbA1c, 23.7% (<35yrs- 30.8%, 35-54 yrs - 23.7% and >54 yrs - 22.8%) on BP, and 44.8% (<35yrs - 34.6%, 35-54 yrs - 42.7% and >54 yrs - 47.6%) on LDL-C.

Conclusion: The achievement of goals A and C (HbA1C<7% and LDL-C<100 mg/dL) increases by age and subjects with age≥54 years have significantly better control of HbA1c and LDL-C. Younger (<34 Years) patients diagnosed with diabetes are at a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease as compared to older (>54 Years) diabetes patients.


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