Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are closely linked, yet many people with T2D are unaware of the risk. The ADA and AHA, supported the integration of Know Your Diabetes by Heart (KDBH) messaging into DSME/S programs to improve knowledge of CVD risk in T2D populations. Scripps Health, a large health system in San Diego, CA employed two distinct diabetes education methods to deliver enhanced KDBH messaging and determined change in knowledge and clinical outcomes after program delivery. Messages emphasizing the connection of CVD to T2D, and BP and cholesterol risk management were developed in English and Spanish and delivered via 1) Project Dulce (PD), an evidence-based culturally and linguistically modified 9-hour, 5-session traditional in-person and virtual telehealth DSME/S program, and 2) Dulce Digital (DD), an innovative 6-month diabetes education texting program within Scripps ambulatory clinics and partnering Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serving diverse racial and ethnic low-income populations in California. Pre/post surveys assessed knowledge and self-management, and clinical metrics were evaluated via electronic health records. Of the N=333participants, 59% were Female, mean age 54 (SD 12.3) years and 42% were Spanish speakers, 70% were White, 54% Hispanic, 17% AA, Asian, NA, PI, and 18% other. Among those with baseline (BL, N=291) and Month 6 (M6, N=82), survey feedback demonstrated improved knowledge of the association of CVD toT2D (PD-94 ->98%, DD-65->85%), the leading cause of death as CVD (PD-51->60%, DD-34->45%) and an increased willingness to discuss the link between heart disease and diabetes. Mean change in HbA1c (N=86 paired values) between BL and M6, was -0.98 [-1.35, -0.61] (-p<0.0001). KDBH campaign in English and Spanish improved CVD risk knowledge and A1c with two methods of DSME/S, PD group live and DD texting in a community-based health system and FQHCs, serving low income diverse racial and ethnic communities.


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