Background: Diabetes self-management is neglected practice among people with diabetes (PwD). OneCare-IMPACT Program provides lifestyle modification through easily accessible virtual DSME program leading to a positive behavioral change.

Methods: Study was conducted in PwD (n=173) enrolled in a 12-week OneCare-IMPACT program. Data were collected at baseline and 3 months for demographics, glycemic parameters, medicines and program engagement.

Results: Mean HbA1c (%) improved significantly from 8.9 ± 2.2 to 7.1 ±1.3, p <.001, effect size (d= 0.8). 56.1% had HbA1c<7% at 3-month compared to 18.5% at baseline. Significant change was seen in FPG and PPPG (mg/dl) of −54.85 (±71.02) and −77.58 (±100.79) respectively. Weight reduced significantly from 76.9 ± 17.5 kg to 74.1 ±16.2 kg (p <.001, d=0.7) and BMI by −0.8kg/m2, (p<.001). From baseline, 31% and 8% of patients reduced weight by ≥5% and ≥10% respectively. A majority of the patients had an absolute reduction in diabetes medications. A significant correlation (r=0.3) noted between weight decline and follow-up HbA1c (p=.005). Mean attendance in program was 75% which correlated well with the outcomes.

Conclusions: OneCare-IMPACT program enhances glycemic outcomes in PwD with a significant weight reduction encouraging for further RCTs to evaluate the role of digital DSMEs in developing countries like India.


Z.Fatema: Employee; Wellwork Technologies Private Limited, India. D.Kamath: Employee; Wellworks Technologies Pvt Ltd. S.Agarwal: Employee; Wellworks Technologies Private Limited. S.Aswathiah: None. B.Sooragonda: None.

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