The CDC National DPP lifestyle change program (LCP) is delivered by community and healthcare organizations nationwide to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in adults with prediabetes. CDC recognition status assures fidelity and quality in delivering the program but receiving and maintaining it can be challenging. Using a pilot online semi-structured questionnaire, we explored the experiences of community and healthcare organizations delivering the National DPP LCP in receiving and maintaining CDC recognition. Participants were recruited from organizations delivering the National DPP LCP, prioritizing organizations in counties with low socioeconomic status. Participants were asked to discuss the challenges and facilitators their organizations faced in delivering the LCP and in achieving and maintaining CDC recognition. Thematic analysis was used to analyze and report emerging themes. A total of 25 participants completed the questionnaire (all from low SES counties). Our results indicate funding availability was the main facilitator in delivering the program, along with strong partnerships with community organizations and a dedicated team. Barriers to achieving and maintaining CDC recognition to deliver the program included difficulties recruiting and retaining participants, and issues securing funding to cover program costs. Participants reported that easing requirements to achieve/maintain recognition, increasing training opportunities, advocating for better reimbursement, and supporting network development between community organizations can increase the program's sustainability. Our findings highlighted barriers/facilitators related to the success of delivering the National DPP LCP and achieving/maintaining CDC recognition. Strategies to reduce those barriers and promote those facilitators should be considered.


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University of Central Florida

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