Becoming a caregiver of child with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) involves understanding, accepting, and managing the new medical condition that may cause sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, self-neglection, and poorer quality of life. Related to family caregiver fatigue, parental mental well-being has been associated with less effective parenting and poorer disease management of those kids. Digital Health programs can offer psychoeducational support to caregivers during family daily life, complementing medical care. The present study aims to better understand the barriers/facilitators to the adoption of a digital health solution for adaptive self-management. The digital solution provides a personalized digital program that includes motivational messages, educational units, mental well-being activities, and coaching services. A cohort of 20 caregivers of children with type 1 diabetes was recruited at a large pediatric hospital in Spain. Demographic and health data were recorded at baseline. After joining the program for 1 month, a SUS (System Usability Scale) questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were administrated. Preliminary results showed that the digital solution is widely useful in obtaining a SUS score of 95’38 out of 100 (SD 7’95) and achieved positive engagement outcomes. In the interviews, caregivers expressed that the educational units reinforced disease self-management. Mental health data at baseline exposed a high percentage of caregivers with symptoms of depression (25%), anxiety (35%), and stress (30%). These results highlight the importance of caregivers’ emotional wellness and the digital health solution's potential to empower them to self-manage during the disease. A subsequent study clinical study will evaluate the clinical impact of the digital intervention on a larger cohort during 2023.


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