Treatment with tirzepatide, a first-in-class GIP/GLP-1 receptor agonist, resulted in statistically and meaningfully reduced HbA1c, and substantially reduced weight, in adults with T2D in the Phase 3 SURPASS studies. We explored the association between shift in BMI category and PROs in adults treated with tirzepatide 5, 10, or 15mg in SURPASS-1 to -5.

Data from all SURPASS-1 to -5 tirzepatide-treated participants with non-missing BMI were pooled, regardless of tirzepatide dose assigned. Participants with ‘improved’ (≥1 category lower vs. baseline), ‘stable’, or ‘worsened’ (≥1 category higher vs. baseline) BMI category at endpoint were assessed using weight-related PRO instruments at baseline and endpoint - Impact of Weight on Self-Perceptions (IW-SP), Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite-Clinical Trials (IWQOL-Lite-CT), and Ability to Perform Physical Activities of Daily Living (APPADL).

All PRO scores were greater at endpoint than at baseline for tirzepatide-treated participants with ‘improved’ or ‘stable’ BMI category (Table). Changes were numerically greater across all PROs for participants with ‘improved’ BMI category compared with those whose BMI category remained ‘stable’ or ‘worsened’.

Improvements in PRO scores were greater in tirzepatide-treated adults with T2D with improved BMI category than in those with stable or worsened BMI category.


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