Background: Present real-world study evaluated the effectiveness of dapagliflozin as an add-on modality, in adult patients with T2DM.

Method: We conducted an EMR-based retrospective, multicentre study in adult T2DM patients inadequately controlled on existing antidiabetic therapy and receiving dapagliflozin as add-on therapy. Baseline characteristics (visit 1) and treatment-related outcomes (visit 2 considered between 60 days-140 days after adding dapagliflozin) which included HbA1C, BMI, SBP & DBP were analyzed.

Results: 3616 patients were included from 478 centres, of which 55.7% were males. Mean age was 51 years (range: 40-64 years). Most patients had received dapagliflozin + metformin + at least one other OAD [D+M+OAD, n=2907 (80.4%), 408 followed-up], while 709 patients (19.6%, 138 followed-up) received dapagliflozin + metformin (D+M). For D+M group, significant mean change was noted for all parameters at follow-up except SBP and DBP (non-significant reductions for HbA1c ≥ 8% subgroup). For D+M+OAD group, significant change was noted for all parameters at follow-up except BMI (non-significant reduction). (Table 1)

Conclusion: Dapagliflozin showed significant improvement in glycemic parameter, BMI and BP when added to metformin, with or without other OADs in real-world.


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