Aims: Prediabetes is defined by HbA1c, fasting (FPG) and 2-hour plasma glucose (2h-PG) during 75 gram oral glucose test (OGTT) although these values often show poor concordance. Most diabetes prevention trials involved people with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) diagnosed as 2h-PG 7.8-11.0 mmol/L. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) may detect early dysglycemia especially postprandial glucose excursions. We examined correlations amongst HbA1c, FPG, 1-h and 2h-PG during OGTT and CGM metrics in individuals with IGT.

Methods: 85 Chinese with IGT (mean±SD age 57±8 years, 51 (60%) female, BMI 26.6±4.0 kg/m2) participating in a lifestyle modification study had measurement of HbA1c, PG during 75g OGTT and 14-day CGM metrics (Freestyle Libre, Abbott) during a 3-week period at baseline. We examined their correlations using Spearman coefficients.

Results: The mean HbA1c was 5.8±0.3 %, FPG 5.3±0.4 mmol/L, 1h-PG 11.0±1.6 mmol/L and 2h-PG 8.5±1.3 mmol/L. For CGM, the mean glucose management index (GMI) was 5.9±0.2 % and time in tight glycemic range (TITR 3.9-7.8 mmol/L) was 86.7±6.6 %. There was a tendency for HbA1c (r=0.587, p=0.097) to correlate with GMI and negatively with TITR (r=-0.644, p=0.061). The respective correlates between FPG and GMI was r=0.623 (p=0.073) and that between FPG and TITR was r=-0.559 (p=0.118). There was weak correlation between 1h-PG and CGM time above range >7.8 mmol/L (r=0.301, p=0.43). There was no correlation amongst 1h-PG, 2h-PG with HbA1c and other conventional CGM metrics.

Conclusions: In individuals with IGT, HbA1c and FPG showed better correlations with CGM metrics of average glycemia than PG values during OGTT. Future studies are needed to define the use of CGM and appropriate metrics in detection of IGT.


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