Introduction: Lifestyle-based interventions that promote nutritional ketosis can be effective for T2D management. This three-month trial compared use of CGM or BGM to support a MSKDP delivered via continuous remote care.

Methods: In this randomized trial, CGM (N=81) or BGM (N=82) data were used by participants and the care team to support dietary adherence and medication management decisions. Differences in 90-day mean blood beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) levels and in changes in dietary intake and weight from baseline to three months (Base to M3) were assessed. This is a secondary and exploratory outcome analysis.

Results: Participants in CGM and BGM arms were not different at baseline (Mean + SD): 53 + 10 years old; 10 + 8 years with T2D; HbA1c 8.1% + 1.2%; taking 2.2 + 1.0 diabetes medications. The 90-day mean BHB levels were 0.54 mmol/L for CGM and 0.48 mmol/L for BGM; p=0.24. Energy and carbohydrate intake decreased significantly (Base to M3), with no differences between arms. Weight change did not differ between arms. See Table 1. Mean 90-day BHB levels were negatively correlated with carbohydrate intake (r= -0.26; p=0.02) and weight change (r= -0.28; p=0.01) at M3.

Conclusion: The MSKDP led to large decreases in energy and carbohydrate intake, and both CGM and BGM led to similar BHB levels and weight change.


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