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Islet Studies December 6 2023
A translational regulatory mechanism mediated by hypusinated eukaryotic initiation factor 5A facilitates beta cell identity and function
Metabolism November 28 2023
Critical assessment of indices used to assess beta-cell function
Metabolism November 28 2023
High doses of exogenous glucagon stimulate insulin secretion and reduce insulin clearance in healthy humans
Metabolism November 28 2023
Interactive effects of Empagliflozin and Hyperglycemia on Urinary Amino Acids in Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes
Islet Studies November 28 2023
PTPN2 regulates metabolic flux to affect beta cell susceptibility to inflammatory stress
Complications November 22 2023
Increased sub-clinical coronary artery pathology in type 2 diabetes with albuminuria
Metabolism November 22 2023
Increased plasma branched short-chain fatty acids and improved glucose homeostasis: The Microbiome and Insulin Longitudinal Evaluation Study (MILES)
Complications November 21 2023
Mechanical regulation of retinal vascular inflammation and degeneration in diabetes
Metabolism November 17 2023
Specialized Retinal Endothelial Cells Modulates Blood-Retina- Barrier in Diabetic Retinopathy
Complications November 15 2023
Methylglyoxal adducts are prognostic biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease in patients with type 1 diabetes
Islet Studies November 14 2023
METTL3-mediated m6A Methylation Controls Pancreatic Bipotent Progenitor Fate and Islet Formation
Metabolism November 14 2023
Adipocyte glucocorticoid receptor activation with high glucocorticoid doses impairs healthy adipose tissue expansion by repressing angiogenesis
Pathophysiology November 8 2023
Role of glycosuria in SGLT2 inhibitor-induced cardio-renal protection: a mechanistic analysis of the CREDENCE trial.
Metabolism November 8 2023
Foxj3 regulates thermogenesis of brown and beige fat via induction of PGC-1α
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics November 8 2023
Erythritol as a potential causal contributor to cardiometabolic disease: A Mendelian randomization study
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics November 7 2023
Increased Frequency of the HLA-DRB1*04:04-DQA1*03-DQB1*03:02 Haplotype among HLA-DQB1*06:02 Positive Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Pharmacology and Therapeutics November 7 2023
GIPR Agonism Enhances TZD-Induced Insulin Sensitivity in Obese IR Mice
Pathophysiology November 7 2023
Roles of Activin A and Gpnmb in metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD)
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics November 7 2023
Genetic analysis of obesity-induced diabetic nephropathy in BTBR mice
Metabolism November 7 2023
Leptin Reduction as a Required Component for Weight Loss
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics November 7 2023
Plasma neuronal growth regulator 1 may link physical activity to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes: a proteome-wide study of ARIC participants
Pathophysiology October 26 2023
Exocrine pancreas in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: different patterns of fibrosis, metaplasia, angiopathy, and adiposity
Metabolism October 24 2023
Weight Loss-Independent Effect of Liraglutide on Insulin Sensitivity in Individuals with Obesity and Pre-Diabetes
Complications October 24 2023
Re-epithelialization of Diabetic Skin and Mucosal Wounds is Rescued by Treatment with Epigenetic Inhibitors
Pathophysiology October 23 2023
Alterations in adipose tissue distribution, cell morphology and function mark primary insulin hypersecretion in youths with obesity
Metabolism October 23 2023
Liver-selective imidazolopyrazine mitochondrial uncoupler SHD865 reverses adiposity and glucose intolerance in mice
Islet Studies October 23 2023
Single-cell transcriptome profiling of pancreatic islets from early diabetic mice identifies Anxa10 for Ca2+ allostasis toward β-cell failure
Metabolism October 20 2023
Divergent Skeletal Muscle Metabolomic Signatures of Different Exercise Training Modes Independently Predict Cardiometabolic Risk Factors
Complications October 20 2023
Sensory phenotypes provide insight into the natural course of diabetic polyneuropathy
Islet Studies October 20 2023
Lysophosphotidylinositols (LysoPIs) are upregulated following human ß-cell loss and act to potentiate insulin release.
Pathophysiology October 17 2023
Dissecting the roles of the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes in a mouse model of autoimmune diabetes
Obesity Studies October 17 2023
Fatty Acids Increase GDF15 and Reduce Food Intake Through a GFRAL Signaling Axis
Islet Studies October 17 2023
Beta-cell MiRNA-503-5p Induced by Hypomethylation and Inflammation Promotes Insulin Resistance and β-Cell Decompensation
Metabolism September 12 2023
Dual Tracer Test to measure tissue-specific insulin action in individual mice identifies in vivo insulin resistance without fasting hyperinsulinemia
Complications July 19 2023
Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and risk of kidney function decline in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: findings from the PERL and ACCORD cohorts
Metabolism May 31 2023
β-cell function and insulin dynamics in obese patients with and without diabetes after sleeve gastrectomy
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