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Methodology Review July 8 2024
Optogenetics in pancreatic islets: Actuators and effects
Perspectives in Diabetes July 8 2024
REDD1 is a Promising Therapeutic Target to Combat the Development of Diabetic Complications: A Report on Research Supported by Pathway to Stop Diabetes
Metabolism July 8 2024
GLP-1 receptor agonist treatment improved fasting and postprandial lipidomic profile independently of diabetes and weight loss
Technological Advances July 8 2024
Autoantibodies to truncated GAD(96-585) antigen stratify risk of early insulin requirement in adult-onset diabetes
Pathophysiology July 8 2024
Glucagon resistance in individuals with obesity and hepatic steatosis can be measured using the GLUSENTIC test and index
Metabolism July 5 2024
Insulin regulation of lysine and α-aminoadipic acid dynamics and amino metabolites in insulin-resistant and control women
Complications July 5 2024
Deciphering the connection between microvascular damage and neurodegeneration in early diabetic retinopathy
Complications July 5 2024
Overexpressed Poldip2 incurs retinal fibrosis via the TGFβ1/SMAD3 signaling pathway in diabetic retinopathy
Immunology and Transplantation July 5 2024
Temporal Alterations in CD8+ T Cells During the Progression from Stage 1 to Stage 3 Type 1 Diabetes
Expert Forum June 24 2024
The Gut Microbiota and Diabetes: Research, Translation, and Clinical Applications—2023 Diabetes, Diabetes Care, and Diabetologia Expert Forum
Editorial June 24 2024
The Gut Microbiota and Diabetes: Clarity on an Emerging Topic and Introduction to a New Partnership and Journal Feature
Complications June 21 2024
Increased thalamocortical functional connectivity on discontinuation of treatment in painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Complications June 21 2024
The role of activator protein-1 (AP-1) complex in diabetes associated atherosclerosis: Insights from single cell RNA sequencing
Islet Studies June 21 2024
Trefoil factor 2 expressed by the murine pancreatic acinar cells is required for the development of islets and for beta cell function during aging
Metabolism June 13 2024
Development of novel tools for dissection of central versus peripheral dopamine D2-like receptor signaling in dysglycemia
Pathophysiology June 13 2024
Regulation of STAT1 signalling in human pancreatic β-cells by the lysine deacetylase, HDAC6; a new therapeutic opportunity in type 1 diabetes?
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics June 13 2024
Characterizing common and rare variations in non-traditional glycemic biomarkers using multivariate approaches on multi-ancestry ARIC study
Pharmacology and Therapeutics June 13 2024
Complement factor C1q mediates vascular endothelial dysfunction in STZ-induced diabetic mice
Immunology and Transplantation June 13 2024
Diabetic wound keratinocytes induce macrophage JMJD3-mediated Nlrp3 expression via IL-1R signaling
Metabolism June 13 2024
The longitudinal effect of Diabetes-associated variation in TCF7L2 on islet function in humans
Pharmacology and Therapeutics June 13 2024
Regulatory Role of NF-κB on HDAC2 and Tau Hyperphosphorylation in Diabetic Encephalopathy and the Therapeutic Potential of Luteolin
Metabolism June 13 2024
Leucine suppresses α-cell cAMP and glucagon secretion via a combination of cell-intrinsic and islet paracrine signaling
Perspectives in Diabetes June 10 2024
Recent Progress in Glucose-Responsive Insulin
Complications June 4 2024
A neural-mast cell axis regulates skin microcirculation in diabetes
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics May 22 2024
Glucose transporters are key components of the human glucostat
Signal Transduction May 22 2024
Loss of ATP-sensitive potassium channel expression and function in the nervous system decreases opioid sensitivity in high-fat-diet-fed mouse model of diet-induced obesity.
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics May 22 2024
An E115A missense variant in CERS2 is associated with increased sleeping energy expenditure and hepatic insulin resistance in American Indians
Islet Studies May 22 2024
Electrophysiological characterisation of iPSC-derived human β-like cells and an SLC30A8 disease model.
Complications May 22 2024
Reduced Thalamic Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) in Painless but not Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Complications May 21 2024
Heparanase Stimulation of Physiological Cardiac Hypertrophy is Suppressed Following Chronic Diabetes Resulting in Cardiac Remodeling and Dysfunction
Pharmacology and Therapeutics May 21 2024
Bioengineered Artificial Extracellular Vesicles Presenting PD-L1 and Gal-9 Ameliorate New-onset Type 1 Diabetes
Genetics/Genomes/Proteomics/Metabolomics May 17 2024
Increased genetic risk for β-cell failure is associated with β-cell function decline in people with prediabetes
Signal Transduction May 14 2024
Epoxygenase Cyp2c44 regulates hepatic lipid metabolism and insulin signaling by controlling FATP2 localization and activation of the DAG/PKCδ axis
Complications May 14 2024
Quantitative imaging reveals steatosis and fibro-inflammation in multiple organs in people with type 2 diabetes: a real-world study.
Pathophysiology May 3 2024
Excess Intramyocellular Lipid Does Not Affect Muscle Fiber Biophysical Properties in Mice or People with Metabolically Abnormal Obesity
Pathophysiology May 3 2024
Elevated cathepsin S serum levels in new-onset type 1 diabetes and autoantibody-positive siblings
Metabolism May 3 2024
Comprehensive clinical and genetic analyses of circulating bile acids and their associations with diabetes and its indices
Perspectives in Diabetes April 11 2024
Engineering a Pathway to Glucose-Responsive Therapeutics
Metabolism February 23 2024
TRIB2-mediated modulation of AMPK promotes hepatic insulin resistance
Pathophysiology January 8 2024
OxPhos in adipose tissue macrophages regulated by BTK enhances their M2-like phenotype and confers a systemic immunometabolic benefit in obesity.
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