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The Journals of the American Diabetes Association are the most read and cited publications in the field of diabetes research and clinical care. With more than 75 years of publishing experience, ADA is the authoritative source for the latest in diabetes research and information.

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Diabetes ®


$430 per year (12 issues)

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Diabetes ® is the highest-ranked journal devoted exclusively to basic diabetes research. This monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishes original research articles on the physiology and pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is the premier research journal devoted to the physiological mechanisms underlying diabetes and its complications.

Regular features in Diabetes ® include:

  • "Perspectives on Diabetes," commentaries on specific topics in diabetes research by leading thinkers in the field
  • The Association's annual scientific award lectures
  • Thousands of meeting abstracts from the Association's annual Scientific Sessions

Impact Factor: 7.72


Diabetes Care ®


$430 per year (12 issues)

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Diabetes Care ® is the highest-ranked research journal devoted exclusively to diabetes treatment, care and prevention. Diabetes Care publishes original, peer-reviewed research on topics of interest to clinically oriented physicians, researchers, epidemiologists, psychologists, diabetes educators, and other health professionals.

Regular features in Diabetes Care ® include:

  • ADA's annual "Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes," ADA's position and consensus statements, and the proceedings of the annual Diabetes Care Symposium
  • "Profiles in Progress," a feature that highlights the contributions and achievements of the leading thinkers in clinical diabetes research
  • Article collections that focus on specific and timely topics relevant to diabetes treatment and prevention

Impact Factor: 16.02



Clinical Diabetes ®


$105 per year (4 issues)

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Clinical Diabetes ® provides primary care providers and all clinicians involved in the care of people with diabetes with information on advances in state-of-the-art care. Clinical Diabetes translates research into treatment practices for a clinical setting and also serves as a forum for discussing diabetes-related problems in practice, medical–legal issues, case studies, digests of recent research, and patient education materials.

Regular articles in Clinical Diabetes ® include:

  • Feature articles on the latest trends and innovations in diabetes care and treatment
  • Mini-reviews of landmark studies, practical treatment pointers, and best practices related to diabetes care


Diabetes Spectrum ®


$105 per year (4 issues)

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Diabetes Spectrum ® provides diabetes educators and health care professionals with the most timely and essential information to enhance diabetes self-management education and to optimize patient outcomes.

Regular articles in Diabetes Spectrum ® include:

  • "From Research to Practice" collections, which provide in-depth explorations of selected diabetes care topics
  • Peer-reviewed original research and review articles on topics in diabetes prevention and medical management
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