This systematic review aimed to examine disordered eating behaviors (DEBs) in youth with type 2 diabetes. Specifically, we sought to describe the most common DEBs, identify risk and protective factors, and review screening tools and interventions that have been developed for and/or used in this population.


A systematic review was performed of randomized controlled, quasi-experimental, case, and qualitative studies focused on DEBs in youth with type 2 diabetes. All studies were rated for quality by the first and second authors.


Five reports from four unique studies were included in the review. Trends found in the reviewed studies included that approximately half of youth study participants with type 2 diabetes had elevated scores on the Diabetes Eating Problem Survey – Revised. Based on the limited data available, these youth were more likely to engage in DEBs than youth with type 1 diabetes. Risk factors for DEBs in youth with type 2 diabetes included obesity, body weight/shape concerns, and caregiver subclinical binge eating.


There is very limited published literature regarding DEBs in youth with type 2 diabetes, suggesting a need for further research to better develop a framework to illuminate key influential variables in the development of DEBs in this population, further develop screening tools, and to design effective interventions.

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