Having a chronic illness such as diabetes can affect just about every aspect of your life. Consequently, many different problems can get in the way of your efforts to control your diabetes. Perhaps you have other illnesses or physical problems that make it hard for you to deal with your diabetes. Maybe the demanding nature of diabetes has left you feeling overwhelmed, sad, or even angry.

The good news is that your health care team can help you find ways to overcome many of the obstacles you may be facing. But they need your help to figure out exactly what types of help you may need. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself before your next visit to your health care provider to help pinpoint any problem areas you may want to discuss with your diabetes team.

•  Do you know enough about your diabetes?

•  Do you know all the members of your diabetes team?

•  Are you always able to speak with and understand members of your diabetes team?

•  Who or what do you believe is responsible for the cause, treatment, and progress of your diabetes?

•  Do you have other health problems that affect your diabetes?

•  Are you happy with the way your diabetes medications are working?

•  Are you willing to look after your diabetes?

•  Do you feel you are able to look after your own diabetes?

•  Would you look after your diabetes more if you felt worse?

•  What is more important than looking after your diabetes?

•  Do you or your diabetes team have enough time for your diabetes?

•  Are you worried, afraid, or ashamed of your diabetes?

•  Are you willing to look after your diabetes fully from today?

•  Can you get to your diabetes team easily?

•  Would you prefer your diabetes service to be closer?

•  Do you have all the services you need?

•  Are you happy with how these services are provided?

•  Have you been unhappy with any members of the diabetes team?

•  Are you happy with your diabetes education and care?

•  Do you feel comfortable talking with your diabetes team?

•  Do you feel pressure from others not to look after your diabetes?

•  Do you feel that others are holding your diabetes against you?

•  Is your family helping you look after your diabetes?

•  Do family demands stop you from looking after your diabetes?

•  Can you afford to have diabetes?

•  Is there enough support for you in the community or at work?

•  Should the public bear more financial responsibility for your care?

•  Do people other than your family need to know more about diabetes?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. But there are resources to help you improve your diabetes care if you are not getting the care you need. Talk to your health care provider or call your local American Diabetes Association for more information.

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