1. A legend for Figure 1 in the recent article “Hyperglycemia in the Hospital” (Diabetes Spectrum 18:20–27, 2005) contained an error regarding the figure's part c. The legend should have read:

c: Negligible or continuous carbohydrate exposure. When insulin requirements are nearly continuous, as during negligible oral intake or NPO status, or during continuous enteral feedings, intravenous infusion of 5%dextrose containing fluids at rate > 43 cc/hour, or peritoneal dialysis,frequent doses of split mixed NPH and regular insulin provide easily reversible and almost flat-line coverage. “Hold” orders can be written for low BG or for interruption of carbohydrate exposure. BG monitoring might be at 6:00 am, noon, 6:00 p.m., and midnight.

2. The title of a recent “Clinical Decision Making” article(Diabetes Spectrum18:14–17, 2005) was incorrect. The title should have been“Marked Hyperglycemia Following Marked Hypoglycemia.”

The online versions of these articles were corrected in departure from print.