Each year, Diabetes Spectrum calls on many scientific and medical experts in the field of diabetes to critically review submitted manuscripts. The journal’s editors and staff sincerely appreciate these reviewers, whose valuable feedback helps to ensure the high quality of the research and review articles published in each issue. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the reviewers who have volunteered their time and expertise in the past year (1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019) for their contributions to Diabetes Spectrum.

Kwabena Adubofour

Jo Ann Ahern

Siddhartha Angadi

Vasilios Athyros

Wendy Auslander

James Baldi

Wegdan Bani-Issa

Sandra Barbalho

Katharine Barnard

Gretchen Benson

Tom Bodenheimer

Jackie Boucher

Veronica Brady

Catherine Brown

Lisa Brown

Renee Cadzow

Dana Carroll

Sherry Yueh-Hsia Chiu

Maureen Chomko

Carla Cox

Gillian Culbertson

Fabrizio De Ponti

Kathleen Dermady

Jane K. Dickinson

Snehil Dixit

Kimberly Driscoll

Andrea Dunn

Kathaleen Briggs Early

Anna Egan

Erland Erdmann

Hope Feldman

Afomia Feleke

Edward Franek

Theresa Garnero

Olga Gupta

Susan Guzman

Clare Hambling

Annemarie Hirsch

Laurence Hirsch

Philip Home

Robert Hood

Byron Hoogwerf

Jamie Huff

Mohammed Imtiaz

Jeremy Johnson

Tammie Johnson

Kaumudi Joshipura

Jodi Kamps

James Keck

Kamlesh Khunti

M. Sue Kirkman

Emily Kosirog

Aaron Kowalski

Kathryn Kreider

Natalie Levy

Elaine Lipscomb

Michelle Litchman

Helen Lunt

Lynne Lyons

Ryan McDonough

Amy Meadows

Daniel Mello

Heather Morris

Diana Naranjo

Cheyenne Newsome

Yuichiro Nishida

Katherine O’Neal

Jennifer Osipoff

Ehsan Parvaresh

Athena Philis-Tsimikas

Jessica Pierce

Jeremy Pomeroy

Caroline Presley

Rithwick Rajagopal

Neesha Ramchandani

Dana Reeher

Claire Reidy

Andrew Rhinehart

Pamela Rickerson

David Robbins

Barry Rovner

Alok Sarwal

Jane Seley

Lakshmi Shankhdhar

Linda Siminerio

Evan Sisson

Kathleen Stanley

Samuel Stolpe

Randi Streisand

Lauren Sullivan

Aaron Trask

Curtis Triplitt

Kimberly Trout

Patricia Underwood

Rachel Wasserman

Sarah Westen

Sara Wettergreen

Deborah Wexler

Wei Ying

Clipper Young

Janice Zgibor

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