During the final stage of production, several errors and inaccuracies were introduced in this article without the authors’ approval or knowledge. These errors were introduced while testing a new proofing system:

  • On page 161, an erroneous author name and corresponding author affiliation were added to the correct lists of authors and affiliations. The correct names and affiliations are shown above.

  • On page 162, reference 13 was cited twice when it should have been cited only once.

  • On page 169, erroneous final sentences were added to the Conclusion and Author Contributions sections.

  • On page 170, an erroneous final reference was added to the References section.

The online version of the article (https://doi.org/10.2337/ds22-0031) has been updated to reflect these changes.

The American Diabetes Association regrets these errors and apologizes to the authors of the article and the readers of Diabetes Spectrum.

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