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Roadmaps to Continuous Glucose Monitoring’s Role in Transforming Diabetes Management

The global diabetes pandemic is challenging the diabetes community to transform its care practices to improve outcomes in an ever-expanding population living with the disease. In the Diabetes Spectrum From Research to Practice article collection in the journal’s final issue of 2023, esteemed Guest Editor Richard M. Bergenstal, MD, and a team of expert authors explain how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can play a pivotal role in that transformation.

Titled “Roadmaps to Continuous Glucose Monitoring’s Role in Transforming Diabetes Management,” the collection features the series of roadmap diagrams shown below, through which the authors illustrate the expanded and optimized use of CGM in five key areas: diabetes specialty care, primary care, pregnancy care, education, and care equity. The authors map out recent advances, discuss remaining barriers, and describe their hopes and expectations for the future.

The collection ends with an insightful article in which Dr. Bergenstal reflects on the 25-year evolution, current impact, and future promise of CGM as a driver of transformation in diabetes care. The goal of the collection is to set a course for a future in which all who can benefit from CGM have equal access to this paradigm-changing technology for diabetes management.

As with all articles published in Diabetes Spectrum, the American Diabetes Association is the copyright holder of these roadmap figures and the articles in which they appear. Individual readers may reuse this content for educational purposes with attribution. ©2023 by the American Diabetes Association. More information is available at

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